Welcome to the 2021 MSOD Virtual Alumni Conference: Reunion With Purpose: OD in our selves, our systems, and our world!

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Elizabeth (Liza) Sitton

Kaiser Permanente
Senior Leadership Development Consultant
Los Angeles

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Hi MSOD friends,

Excited to be attending the conference this year. I graduated in '03/Delta Prime...the infamous year when 9/11 happened on the first day of learning group and we lost Pat. It was a sad beginning but we got through. All the later classes can thank us though as we petitioned for the drinking ban to be lifted via a petition we wrote that basically said that it was too dangerous (and stupid) to have to drive in order to drink. That was pre-Lyft/Uber obviously!
I live in Los Angeles/Culver City and can actually see the Pepperdine WLA campus from my balcony.
I work at Kaiser Permanente in Leadership Development and also consult in the areas of culture change and learning, OD.
Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!


Friday, November 5

07:00 PDT

08:00 PDT

09:00 PDT

10:30 PDT

12:30 PDT

13:30 PDT

14:30 PDT

16:00 PDT

17:00 PDT

18:30 PDT

Saturday, November 6

09:00 PDT

11:00 PDT

12:30 PDT

13:30 PDT

14:00 PDT

15:00 PDT

16:30 PDT

17:00 PDT

18:15 PDT

18:30 PDT

20:00 PDT

Sunday, November 7

07:30 PST

08:00 PST

09:30 PST

11:00 PST

11:30 PST

13:30 PST

14:30 PST

15:30 PST

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