Welcome to the 2021 MSOD Virtual Alumni Conference: Reunion With Purpose: OD in our selves, our systems, and our world!

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Saturday, November 6 • 10:30 - 11:00
Choose Your Own Adventure

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At any in-person conference, oftentimes the most memorable or meaningful moments of connection and restoration takes place outside the formal sessions. The same can also be true at our virtual alumni conference.

Choose Your Own Adventure gives you the power to choose what’s best for you in between and around the formal conference sessions.

Start by asking yourself: What do I need right now? Then vote with your clicks!

Community Adventures - for those who need to be with others.

Open Space
Heard something that has challenged you deeply or have an idea you want to explore, and would love to process with other alumni face to face? Click on the Zoom link and join an Open Space.

Virtual ‘Walk & Talks’
Perhaps you want to catch up with a long lost alumni buddy, or connect with someone new in the community. Put yourself on notice as being available for a ‘Walk & Talk’ and/or choose someone who is also available. Connect via your preferred platforms/channels, and off you go! To find each other, click here.

Meet MSOD-ers face-to-face
Schedule a virtual reunion with your cohort or mix it up! Meet-up for a virtual afternoon tea, happy hour, or even a proper meal to catch up and just do life. Stay on Zoom and we’ll create a breakout group just for you or feel free to use your own Zoom.

Solo Adventures - for those who need time for themselves.
What we give of ourselves and share in these spaces below will live on beyond the conference as a digital artifact of how strong, wise, and caring our MSOD community is. Non nobis solum.

Zen Room
Check out a curated collection of videos for guided meditations, yoga, and other relaxing activities. Have others you like to use? Please share! To visit the Zen room, click here.

Sharing is Caring
  • Inspiration Point - What’s got your attention these days? Share your favorite books, podcasts, shows, articles… anything! Share and find inspiration by clicking here.
  • Words You Live By - What mantras and words of wisdom do you hold onto that enables you to thrive and get through the hard times? Share your own words to live by, or read what inspires others. To share and read others' words, click here.
  • Meme’s and GIFs - Need some help labeling what you are feeling or going through? Or just need a good laugh? We’ve got a collection of meme’s and gifs to put a smile on your face and let you know that you are not alone. And if you have a great meme or gif, please do share as well! To laugh out loud, click here.
Insights, Gratitudes, and Reflections 
Tell us about your conference ‘aha!’ moments. What are you taking away from this conference that will support you in work and life? To share your insights and gain insights from others, click here:

To share your gratitude, click here.

MSOD Authors
Have you published something you would like to share? Have you read other MSOD authors you want to shout out? Share them here! Click here to share.

Author’s Corner
Want to learn more about our amazing keynote and alumni speakers through their writing? Browse a library of their work and add them to your reading lists! To discover, click here.

(To purchase, click on the image of the book, in the pop up context toolbar, click on the square with the escaping arrow.)

Thank You, Terri Egan
Share words of appreciation, gratefulness and fun memories as we celebrate Terri’s retirement from the MSOD faculty and transition into her next season. Videos of you singing your heart out in appreciation and, really, any creative form of expression are more than welcome! To share your memories, click here.

Log-off and re-charge
Just minimize your browser and walk away for as long as you need. And please come back. :)


Saturday November 6, 2021 10:30 - 11:00 PDT
All Together