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My affiliation with Pepperdine MSOD began in 2008, having previously practiced Organization Development for several decades. I was honored to serve on the MSOD alumni council from 2009 to 2015. The alumni engagement of MSOD is worth the cost of admission.

My practice focuses on whole system change focusing on culture, leadership, and strategy in small - midsize businesses, primarily in the addiction and mental health field. Along with organization focus, I also utilize Org Design processes in creating communities of connection in addiction and mental health recovery - regionally, nationally, and internationally. Having supported Mrs. Betty Ford (The Betty Ford Center) in sustaining her legacy creating a dynamic post treatment international alumni recovery network, I successfully founded www.tpasrecovery.org to encourage substance abuse programs to share post treatment best practices for their alumni.

Additionally, I work with individuals and families in support of the recovery from substance abuse disorders, multiple addictions, and other co-occurring disorders. My work in this area is to help source programs of high value and high integrity for the affected persons and then work with the families and affected person providing long term structured recovery support.

My current focus is my legacy work, based in Maryland at www.ashleytreatment.org . As an external consultant, I facilitate whole system change with focus on culture; leadership development; assessing and enriching the model of patient care with innovative practices; and closely affiliated with Johns Hopkins on cutting edge research in addiction and mental health treatment.

I also co-facilitate the Group Leadership Intensive (GLI) with Dr. Rod Napier. The GLI founded by Dr Napier at Temple University, in 1962, is possibly the longest running (60 Years) leadership development intensive. The GLI enrolls a maximum of 12 participants that engage in a 5-day, 70-hour deep dive in group process and personal reflection/development. Participants experience over 35 group designs (understanding self, understanding member/leadership balance, understanding teams, diagnosis, design, facilitation, conflict resolution, team membership, team process) mostly designed by participants in real time. I am currently implementing an 18-month, rigorous follow-up curriculum focusing on self-development/culture/leadership enrichment with a strong emphasis focus on design, design, design!
Friday, November 5

07:00 PDT

08:00 PDT

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10:30 PDT

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16:00 PDT

18:30 PDT

Saturday, November 6

09:00 PDT

10:30 PDT

11:00 PDT

12:30 PDT

13:30 PDT

16:30 PDT

17:00 PDT

18:15 PDT

18:30 PDT

Sunday, November 7

07:30 PST

08:00 PST

09:30 PST

11:30 PST

13:30 PST

15:30 PST

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