Welcome to the 2021 MSOD Virtual Alumni Conference: Reunion With Purpose: OD in our selves, our systems, and our world!

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David Naczycz

North America Tour Hub
Westfield, New Jersey
Successful entrepreneur, leader and consultant that has launched 4 businesses, been a c-suite
leader in both the for-profit & non-profit world and consulted with senior leaders in multiple sectors
and industries on strategy and change. I am driven by a passion to make the world better by helping
people, places, and organizations overcome oppression (both organizational and societal), operate
sustainably, and transcend entrenched obstacles to growth and change.

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Friday, November 5

07:00 PDT

08:00 PDT

12:30 PDT

13:30 PDT

14:30 PDT

18:30 PDT

20:00 PDT

Saturday, November 6

10:30 PDT

11:00 PDT

12:30 PDT

13:30 PDT

14:00 PDT

15:00 PDT

17:00 PDT

18:15 PDT

18:30 PDT

20:00 PDT

20:45 PDT

Sunday, November 7

08:00 PST

09:30 PST

11:00 PST

11:30 PST

13:30 PST

14:30 PST

15:30 PST

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