Welcome to the 2021 MSOD Virtual Alumni Conference: Reunion With Purpose: OD in our selves, our systems, and our world!

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Renée Smith

A Human Workplace
Founder & CEO
Gig Harbor, Washington, USA
Renée Smith (she/her) is founder and CEO of A Human Workplace, a growing global movement, consultancy, and community of affiliated practitioners and leaders together exploring how to make work more loving and human, based on her primary qualitative research on decreasing fear and increasing love in the workplace. AHW practitioners have hosted more than 200 in-person and virtual “Gatherings,” a simple yet elegant approach to impacting culture and behavioral change described as “uncommon and profound.” She served in the Governor’s Office as Director of Workplace Transformation for the State of Washington and led award-winning culture change work as Director of Organization Development for a state agency. She's spoken to hundreds of audiences in nine countries and appeared on numerous podcasts effectively making both the business case and the human case for love. Hint: These are linked! She researches, writes, teaches, and advises clients from her home by the beach in Gig Harbor, Washington, where she sculls in her single shell when the water is calm, makes messy art with oil pastels, concocts craft cocktails for friends, and hosts "Grandma Camp" for her grandkids.

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